Mobile Apps Are Essential In "The New Normal"

Everyone Is On Their Mobile Device

Approximately 54.8% of worldwide web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Mobile App Downloads Up by 23.3% Since the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mobile Users Check Their Smartphones 63 Times a Day.

48% of Users Admit an App Helps Determine Brand Credibility.

Your Customers Demand This

A custom mobile app designed specifically with your business in mind, is something that your customers deserve…..

…and something they expect.

About 69.4% of internet users use mobile shopping apps on their mobile devices.

We will create a mobile app specific to your business, with your customers’ specific needs at the heart of the design.

We are not only digital marketing technology experts, but we are also business experts.

Curbside and Home Delivery

We can all agree that COVID-19 has changed things for all businesses around the globe, and mobile device usage is dramatically on the rise. 

The need for fast and reliable delivery services is here to stay, and only expected to increase. 

For retail, the demand for curbside and home delivery services is through the roof.

Providing your customers with a mobile app unique to your business and your brand, can literally mean the life or death of your business.

This can also optimize the online journey of your customers, as a part of an overall omnichannel solution. 

JTB Online can get you there.

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JTB Mobile App Common Questions and Answers

We will need to understand your exact needs, by going through a very thorough analysis of your business, your market, and the online behavior of your customers, and then map out the best go-forward strategy.

We have formed a very detailed onboarding process tailored from our many years of experience.

This is a very efficient process designed to yield the best possible results.

In most cases, we can provide a customized price proposal based off of our initial strategy call with you.

But, there are instances where we may need to get on more strategy calls, if the scope of the project warrants it.

This can be discussed on a strategy call.


Please fill the online form on this website, and we will schedule a call with you.

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