Connect With Your Customers and Guide Their Online Experiene

Generate Sales Leads

Chatbots are one of the best ways to generate sales leads. A JTB Chatbot can interact with prospective buyers online, and can qualify prospective buyers directly from your website, or within a sales funnel, specifically designed to drive qualified leads directly to a sales rep, sales team, or independent small business owner.

There are also many other sales-related functions in which they can serve, such as generating online price quotes for your clients, or used to immediately forward a potential buyer into a sales call, with one of your sales representatives. We can also map out the best business processes to generate high quality online sales opportunities to the precise areas they need to go, based upon your specific market.

JTB Online AI-Driven Conversational Chatbots will increase your leads and increase your profits. We are also sales and marketing experts, so we know the exact methods to use, in order to get the best results for your business.

AI Chatbots Booking Online Appointments Sales Funnels from JTB Online LLC | Buffalo NY

Drive Online Appointments

JTB Online AI-driven Chatbots are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

They do not take vacations, or require breaks, and they are always working. 

Let them drive your online appointments for your business, and free up staff to work on other critical areas of your operations.

Driving Online Conversations and Content

Nurture online relationships, create long-term customers, and do this with technology that can scale to suit any environment.  

Chatbots are also perfect for delivering your online content, whether it is steaming videos, getting likes for social media engagement, or driving traffic to an online event; such as a webinar that you are hosting.


There is nothing which equals the technological might that JTB Chatbots can deliver.

eCommerce Omnichannel Shopify WooCommerce from JTB Online LLC | Buffalo NY

Direct Traffic to eCommerce Online Purchases 24/7/365

Whether it is an eCommerce site that JTB Online builds for you with Shopify or WooCommerce, or an online store which you already own, JTB Online can have your AI-driven conversational chatbot drive your web traffic, to make an online purchase.

Over 50% of customers expect a business to be open 24/7

JTB Chatbots can also be used to generate revenue from abandoned carts and retargeted social media campaigns, via an online marketing funnels (which we can also build for you.)

JTB Online can also enable a chatbot to pop up each and every time a visitor decides to leave your website, and go somewhere else (like the website of your competitor!)

This is powerful stuff!

Direct Online Customers To Your Video Content

JTB Online AI-Driven Conversational Chatbots can drive your online traffic directly to your streaming online video content, such as whiteboard explainer videos, YouTube commercials, and any other type of online video content, which is relevant to your specific goals.

Facebook Social Media Marketing from JTB Online LLC | Buffalo NY

Chatbots For Social Media

JTB Online can also create Chatbots for your Facebook Business Page, or popular messenger platforms such as WhatsApp.  We can also have chatbots from your website or a JTB Marketing Funnel, direct your online customers to your social media presence.

Designed Specifically With Your Customers In Mind

Simply put…

We have the unique experience and expertise, which cannot be found elsewhere.

JTB Online knows how to specifically design these AI-driven chatbots to feed into your specific business model, whether you are a fitness and health club, or an eCommerce store selling your merchandise online, we know how to deliver the results.

JTB Conversational Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence

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JTB Chatbots Common Questions and Answers

Not at all….

You might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable these are for your business. We can map out what your return on spend will be. Time is money and smart business owners understand this. This technology injects efficiency gains directly into your operations. 

You will likely discover that it is costing you money (time) to not use AI-driven conversational chatbots. 

No…..not in the slightest.

We create the chatbot for your business and simply provide a snippet of code, to place on your existing website. If you do not have a website, not a problem. We can create a killer website for you and we will include the chatbot as a part of your overall solution. 

We can typically have your bot to you in less than a week, from the time that you place your order with us.

Some chatbots may take a little longer, depending upon how in-depth you need your conversations to go. 

When you schedule your strategy call with us, we can map out the specific timeframe to build out your chatbot(s).

One of the most powerful uses for an AI-driven Chatbot, is within a sales and/or marketing funnel. This is a great way to fully extend any of your online marketing campaigns via social media, email, text, and/or your online eCommerce store.

JTB AI-driven Chatbots are also an excellent way to deliver your video content to your customers. You can also use professional whiteboard explainer videos, which your chatbots will guide your customers towards. 

…and the best part is that we can build all of this for you!

We also have the capabilities to put Chatbots on social media and messaging platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Not a problem at all. Included in your base price, you will have a good amount of customizations that we can make at no extra charge. JTB Online understands that sometimes things can change very fast, and we are there to partner with you for uncertain market conditions and unforeseen events, which you need your Chatbot to adapt to. 

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