Guide your online customers to your calls to action

Decades of Successful Sales and Marketing Expertise

JTB Online brings a lot of real world business experience to the table. We pour this (along with our insane creative passion) into our work, and this yields results. 

We know what areas to look at, within your business, to create sales and marketing funnels; which wrap themselves around your business dynamics, and drive the optimal results.


JTB AI-driven Chatbots and Killer Video Inside Your Sales and Marketing Funnels

You will reap the rewards of customized sales and marketing funnels, with chatbots and killer video content, designed to guide the online journey of your customers into your ideal Calls To Action (CTA.)

Whether this is collecting email addresses for your marketing database or driving them towards making an online purchase; JTB Online has you covered. 

We have the track record proven to get the best results.

Designed Specifically With Your Business In Mind

The bottom line is that we offer the business experience, and creative thinking, which most digital marketers lack.

We know what to look at within your business, so we know what important items to discuss with you, and the intricate details, which equal the huge differences in the long run.

Our passions reside in true business partnerships, and the integrity that lies therein.

Our experience and the results are our testament to the output of work delivered.


JTB Funnel Common Questions and Answers

We will need to understand your exact needs, by going through a very thorough analysis of your business, your market, and the online behavior of your customers, and then map out the best go-forward strategy.

The cost to invest in a sales and marketing funnel, when properly executed within a smart digital marketing strategy, will yield such great results that the price point to use the technology is considerably low compared to other methods. This can all be discussed in detail on a strategy call with us.


This varies across the board. We will work with you and create sales and marketing funnels, which are the absolute best that money can buy. We will also offer our consulting services on how to best use these funnels.  We also have some very deep partnerships with other digital marketing and technology companies, so if there is something that you will need to be successful with your sales and marketing funnels, and we do not provide it; we will point you in the right direction. Examples of this are services such as Pay Per Click Online Ads or running native ads on platforms outside of our wheelhouse of expertise.

Our mindset is always the same:

Helping our clients do what they do, and doing it better (more profitable) by partnering with JTB Online.

Schedule your strategy call with us, and we will discuss your needs in detail. We have developed a tried and true process to yield optimal results.

No need to worry about the call being super “technical.” We speak the language of business. 

Our #1 focus for your call is you and your business goals.

The typical turnaround time for a sales/marketing funnel projects are 7-14 days, dependent upon the specific scope of the project, and the number of similar projects we have in our work queue. But, if you need something faster, please reach out to us asap, so we can get started on your specific project.

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