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JTB Online brings a lot of real world business experience to the table. We pour this (along with our insane creative passion) into our work, and this yields results. 

We love what we do and we are very good at it.

Let us show you some love and you can fly to the moon with us!

SEO Buffalo NY

Intelligent Design and Ongoing SEO

Having an online presence is not a “set it and forget” type of thing.

To succeed in this “New Normal” you will need a strategic business partner, who can constantly improvise, adapt and overcome, within any market conditions. 

SEO is something that is an ongoing process. Every day there is something new, which can greatly affect the online presence of your business. 

We keep abreast of these things, and we are there to guide you along the path.

Designed Specifically With Your Customers In Mind

We have the unique experience and expertise, which cannot be found elsewhere.

JTB Online knows how to specifically design your website to be an online digital marketing powerhouse. We have the rare expertise under our belts, to know how to make the ideal online environment for your specific brand within your market.

This results in customers singing your praises!

Western New York Website Design and Development Buffalo NY
Buffalo New York Marketing Analytics

Customer Data Analysis

Using only bleeding edge analytics solutions dashboards feeding from Google Analytics, we examine your customer’s online behavior, and utilize this data for the most relevant customer touchpoints.

This is the critical lifeblood for online success.


JTB Online Website Common Questions and Answers

We will need to understand your exact needs, by going through a very thorough analysis of your business, your market, and the online behavior of your customers, and then map out the best go-forward strategy.

We have formed a very detailed onboarding process tailored from our many years of experience.

This is a very efficient process designed to yield the best possible results.

In most cases, we can provide a customized price proposal based off of our initial strategy call with you.

But, there are instances where we may need to get on more strategy calls, if the scope of the project warrants it.

We embrace business partnerships with our clients, and this requires a good boilerplate for success, dependent upon a tried-and-true process.

Typical turnaround times for digital marketing website projects is 7-21 days, depending upon the scope of the project and the number of projects we have already committed to.

eCommerce projects can take longer, and this is greatly dependent upon the number of SKU items to be initially listed, the depth of the website itself, and the other solutions (Sales/Marketing Funnels, Video Content, Messaging) which you may need, as well as the business processes to wrap around the project.


We can build a very “sticky” and dynamic website for you with platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce, and bundle in some immensely powerful digital marketing solutions to help you reach your eCommerce goals.

We will also partner with you with ongoing consulting calls, and use data and analytics, to ensure we help you reach your goals.

One of the most powerful uses for an AI-driven Chatbot, is within a sales and/or marketing funnel. This is a great way to fully extend any of your online marketing campaigns via social media, email, text, and/or your online eCommerce store.

…and the best part is that we can build all of this for you!

We also have the capabilities to put Chatbots on social media and messaging platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

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